What Are Squatters Rights?

Did you know that a without the consent of the owner, a long-term squatter may become the registered owner of the property or land they’ve occupied! Due to a provision known as “adverse possession” the property also may be awarded to the squatter in certain jurisdictions. Intentional trespassing that becomes ownership, or a fence erected inadvertently a few feet into somebody else’s yard, are examples of adverse possession. Many variables come into play, and regulations differ from the state – to – state. Many states allow squatters to gain right over the property if they comply with the legal requirement. Nevertheless, trespassing on someone’s property is a criminal act, and people should never take advantage of that at any cost.

Adverse possession of the property varies from one state to the other. However, the law provides legal rights to protect the ownership of the property. Many states allow the squatter to possess the property when:

  • Nobody claims the property they own   
  • One occupies the property for more than five years without any complaint.
  • One pays the property taxes continuously for occupancy as per the law.
  • Lastly, if they enter the agreement with the property owner to sell the property to  be the rightful

How The Squatters Right Work

To reduce chances of getting into litigations and maintain peace while protecting the property of the individuals a squatter needs to occupy the property and then live there for five years and above with no one claiming the property.  It is enough evidence they are the rightful owners of the property. If they can improve the property and the person claiming to be the owner fails to provide convincing evidence about their ownership they legally become the owners. 

Why Do Squatters Have Rights?

How The Squatters Right Work

The existence of squatter’s right is to govern the property in society. Anyone can claim ownership despite not taking care of the property and adding value to it.  There is the right to own property for everybody according to the law. To provide justice for everyone the law provides them with the right to ownership. On the other hand, if they failed to prove they are the property owner, they can be denied their right to own the property and vice versa.

To evict someone from your property as soon as possible is a better idea than leaving them to continue saying in the property. It becomes difficult for one to get justice for ownership when you allow them to stay longer in your property. The owner should seek justice from the law by reporting them if they refuse to vacate the property. There are ways to safely and effectively evict squatters from the property. 

The key steps to take when a stranger invades your property

  1. Contact the police to notify them that there is someone in your property without your consent. Filling a report will help your case to out in case of any litigation
  2. Look forward to getting an eviction notice from the law enforcement authorities, and claim your right as the property owner.
  3. Provide the legal notice to them to move from the property if they fail to come with the authorities to provide help.
  4. Remove their belongings away from your property.

How does squatters rights work – conclusion

Squatters regard the law as a source of their protection when they own the property. They are aware of how their rights provided by the law work. Individuals should check their property once in a while to limit them from taking their property.  Authorities must provide justice accordingly to the owner of the property. It is the responsibility of the owner to report anyone who invades the property without their consent.

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