How to Stop Grandparents Visitation Rights?

Divorce among the parents, abusive families, and history of abuse or addiction by the grandparents is one of the reasons which make parents seek a problem to the visitation disputes with the grandparents. While it is a known fact that grandparent do love their grandchildren, the cases of abuse and additional and neglect in their care have led one or both parents to terminate grandparent visitation. Laws in the US hold the welfare and the wellbeing of the child to the utmost priority. Most people are always confused about the question “how to stop grandparents seeing your child?” The right way to do so is to seek legal advice and counsel. Having an elder law attorney or a family law attorney will work in your best interest. People with child custody issues have to undergo this battle again and again from the grandparent’s of the child’s other parent. 

Can you stop grandparents from seeing grandchildren?

There are tons of questions that can come to a parent’s mind when they are concerned about the security and the welfare of their children in regards to their grandparents. An elderly law attorney will completely guide you in order to terminate grandparent visitation. Grandparents are not legally and automatically given the right to see their grandparents any time they want. Child’s parents, in each case, have the legal right to seek the legal aid in regards to any violation of the child’s privacy or security. 

How to win against grandparent rights?

can you stop grandparents seeing grandchildren
Can you stop grandparents seeing grandchildren ?

The cases in which at least one of the parents is deceased and the grandparents from his relation seek the family law for the visitation rights, then the case turns out to be different and will be complicated as well. If the grandparents have no history of abuse or neglect, you will need the assistance of the Elder law attorney who will aid you in developing a strong case to limit the grandparent visitation. 

If the case involves a grandparent seeking visitation, the child’s parents have to prove to the court that the visitation is not in the best health and mental interest of the child. If the court issues the grandparent seeking visitation an order to visit, it has to be countered in the court by the attorneys of the parents. Grandparents are not given the right above the parents to meet their grandchildren since it a violation of the constitutional rights of the parents on their child. 

Seek the legal aid

If you are fighting against grandparent’s rights, you will need strong evidence to support your case in the court. You can only get the visitation rights of the grandparents revoked if the case involves a history of drug abuse, addiction, neglect or eve restraining orders from the court to the parent of your child whose parents are seeking visitation. The case involving child support or child custody involves legal attorneys. With an experienced strong attorney-client relationship, you can build a strong case for yourself to ensure the wellbeing of your child. 

While hiring an Elder Law Attorney, make sure that you discuss the legal fees as well as the flat rate for the services. The attorney has experience in issues related the family members or elderly will be beneficial in your case. 


As a parent, it is your prime right to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child, make sure that you seek the right legal advice in case of grandparent visitation cases.

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