How to Get Custody of a Child

Custody battles for your child will be long and daunting as well. Without the legal advice, you will be at a loss. Filing the custody case means that you are fighting a battle that you want to win at any cost. The case is the only way to showcase your side of the story when it comes to the importance of your child’s life. Many people who are seeking sole custody or want to be the custodial parent fail to do so because they don’t present their case properly. Matters like child support and legal aid are not addressed properly which lead to complications after the court’s verdict. Here are a few steps to strengthen your case and get the custody of your child.

Get the legal advice from a lawyer 

When it comes to the custody case, you must make sure that you get the legal advice from a certified lawyer or legal counsel. These consultation can be availed free of cost in every state. The main aim is to clarify all the charges and the aspects of the case before the child custody hearings. Having a lawyer is recommended to present your case in the most impactful and convincing manner. 

Know the family law and child custody laws

If you are not aiming to get a lawyer, you must study the family law and child custody law of your state. Spend time in learning them in detail before the court date. Even if you have a lawyer, you should still be aware of the custody laws of your state. Talk to your lawyer about the most relevant child custody questions and prepare them for the hearing. You can only be a part of your child’s life if you put effort for it. 

Fill out the forms

family law and child custody laws

For most people, the custody battles are hectic due to the intensive paperwork associated with them. Although the legal forms are complex, but with the right legal aid you can easily fill out all the forms. Inquire about the notarizing of your application and make sure that you notarize it if it is compulsions. Carefully fill out the forms to avoid any unnecessary delay in your case. 

 At the local court house, you must fill out the custody forms. Get in touch with the court clerk and be cordial. He will be of benefit for you in the case. 

Prepare well for the court date of your case and be a part of the court custody hearing

You must prepare well for the court date of the case. The hearing in its initial stage might last for 30 minutes only but you must be well prepared for it.  Work with your lawyer on how to get child custody while narrowing down the major points to make in the court relevant to the case. 

Secondly, don’t miss the child custody hearings at any cost. Don’t be late as well. The court judges your character during the court proceedings so make a good impression. Be dressed in a professional manner.  

Represent your case in the court 

You must represent your case in the ouster as per the court order on the due date.  The court will allow you to peak for yourself. You can present your side of the story in the most impactful manner here. Be patient and don’t get aggressive even of the other parent presents illogical stories. 

How do you get custody of your child as a mother? 

Present all the facts such as the history of physical or drug abuse of the child’s father, instances of violation of the domestic violence restraining order, and needs of the child to make your case strong for child custody as mother for the best interest of the child. 


So, the main aim of the custody case is to formulate the detailed custody and visitation protocols for the divorce parents while keeping the future and the best interest of the child in perspective.

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