Colorado Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Tirey O’Neil is a Law firm that deals in offering comprehensive legal services in Elder Law, Estate Planning and Family Law. The founder, Tirey and Tracy are Colorado collaborative divorce professionals with a 30 year long legal experience. Evidently, there is potentially no guarantee with any attorney given their experiences, whether they are the best fit for your case or now. Divorce cases in particular are extremely complicated therefore collaborative divorce model is considered more effective in dealing with divorces especially in Colorado. 

For us, Divorce is a very sensitive matter, not just for the clients but also for us because it involves families and emotions. We do not stay persistent to stick to the courtroom dialogues to come to a solution, in fact we think of going beyond to seek out for the best solution suiting our clients’ needs. The Collaborative Divorce process basically recognizes the concerns of both you and your spouse, without the intervention of the Judge at first, we try to come up with such appropriate solutions that are actually in the best interests of you and your family. 

It is known, Collaborative Divorce is actually a better option than litigated divorce. It is more of a team effort to coming up for a solution to the divorce plea in a friendly and more collaborative manner. Our focus is upon the essential things attached to the case: the family, their finances and the emotional health of all. 

What does a Collaborative Divorce Process look like?

Divorce Process
  • In Colorado collaborative law  Collaborative Divorce Process is a method to dissolve a marriage where both the sides work with a team of professionals to come up with genuine and rather more flexible arguments. 
  • Clients are not encouraged to fight or yell or end things or a bad not, in fact they are told about the other consequences which might come off from the dissolution of their marriage like protecting their children and the others who may also have some part to play in this conflict. 
  • Decisions are made by both the parties through mutual agreement without the intervention of any judge or any kind of third-party interventions.

The main aim of collaborative divorce consultations is to develop mutual trust and respect between the clients. Following are some core objectives of our consulting process. We have worked with a variety of different clients and we understand that each client is unique in their own ways who are possibly seeking consultation in a unique situation. To deal with legal issues and especially divorces, it can be an extremely sensitive and emotional matter. Our clients have received consultation from highly skilled representatives who work for implementing litigation through our law firm while ensuring to provide them with a compassionate and comfortable environment by all means. When you are coming to us, we make sure you have direct access to your divorce lawyers at all times. Until and unless the parties agree, we do not pass any final judgment whatsoever. The goal is to reach an agreement point through collaboration and where both parties commit to fulfilling the stated requirements proposed by their respective attorneys.

Concluding thoughts

It is a given that getting your house matters or your real life matters out in the public and face the court process, it can be extremely overwhelming in terms of how it might have an impact on your life. Tirey O’Neil, tries to make use of a collaborative process in divorce consultations to make sure that the matter is handled in a comprehensive manner and it is carried out in an effective manner. Our aim is to work with our clients throughout, we have financial planners and other types of consulting available as well that can help you in making an informed decision with respect to your divorce process. The motive is to keep the client as a priority throughout and our goals is to ensure that the client’s requirements are met with minimal impact on their personal lives as well as on their overall mental or physical health.