How to Stop Grandparents Visitation Rights?

can you stop grandparents seeing grandchildren

Divorce among the parents, abusive families, and history of abuse or addiction by the grandparents is one of the reasons which make parents seek a problem to the visitation disputes with the grandparents. While it is a known fact that grandparent do love their grandchildren, the cases of abuse and additional and neglect in their … Read more

What Does a Civil Rights Lawyer Do ?

What Does a Civil Rights Attorney Do?

The constitution of the United States guarantees equal civil rights to all its citizens. These include principle laws such as the right to free speech, vote, and protection from discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Sadly, citizens across the continental United States still suffer from police brutality, hate crimes, and other civil rights … Read more

What Are Squatters Rights?

Squatters Law

Did you know that a without the consent of the owner, a long-term squatter may become the registered owner of the property or land they’ve occupied! Due to a provision known as “adverse possession” the property also may be awarded to the squatter in certain jurisdictions. Intentional trespassing that becomes ownership, or a fence erected … Read more

How to Get Custody of a Child

Child Custody lawyer

Custody battles for your child will be long and daunting as well. Without the legal advice, you will be at a loss. Filing the custody case means that you are fighting a battle that you want to win at any cost. The case is the only way to showcase your side of the story when … Read more

What is Collaborative Divorce ?


The idea of getting a divorce can itself be quite scarring for any human mind, be it for the man or the wife, marriage dissolution is basically the dissolution of an entire family. However, divorce does not always mean to battle out your concerns with your partner in the courtroom in front of a judge, … Read more

New Changes to the Colorado Civil Protection Order Statutes, C.R.S. 13-14-100 et seq.

Colorado recently made change to the law regarding civil protection orders. The goal of these changes is to provide legal safeguards for more individuals than before. The old statute provided legal remedy mostly for those who were the victim of phsysical threats of violence. Now, the statute makes clear that there are many types of … Read more

Colorado’s New Maintenance Law

Beginning January 1, 2014, Colorado Courts will use a new, more detailed, statutory framework for determining the right to maintenance, as well as the amount and duration of that maintenance award. Currently, the Courts’ orders regarding maintenance tend to be inconsistent, since the factors the Court can consider in determining maintenance are so vague. The … Read more